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Polish School Manchester

Polish School Manchester

Polish School Manchester has a long tradition of teaching school-age children in the Grater Manchester area. One of our main aims is to ensure that our students are able to develop their skills in reading, writing and correct pronunciation of the Polish language. The school puts great emphasis on making their pupils feel proud of their Polish heritage, Polish history as well as the country’s rich traditions and customs.

Our school is a place where your child will be taught in a friendly, pleasant and safe environment. Apart from getting educated, your child will be able to meet and befriend peers living in the area, exchange experiences and broaden his/her horizons in after-school clubs


Our Philosophy

Values, on which we base our approach to teaching have a universal appeal and consist of..

Every Child Matters

Our school always puts children’s wefare and personal development first because they are...

What We Teach

Our main teaching focus areas are Polish language, history and culture. In a friendly...


Our school prides itself on providing quality education, where children are encouraged to...

Age Groups

Our school is divided into the following age groups: - nursery, ages 3 to 6, - primary school...

Day Plan

Lessons take place on Saturday mornings according to the following schedule...

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You can enroll and register your child at any time in the academic year

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